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20 Best Tips For Thick, Healthy & Long Hair



1. Krupa Hair Tonic penetrates deep inside the roots of the hair,

bsp;1. Krupa Hair Tonic penetrates deep inside the roots of the hair,bringing life and promotes immense hair growth.2. People who utilize olive oil in the cooking process regularly are lessprone to heart attack and life-threatening diseases such as cancer.3. Massage your head with the tip of fingers in circular motion. It isessential to massage for 10-15 minutes as it helps in steady bloodcirculation. Never rub your palms on your hair aggressively since itleads to hair breakage.4. Do not leave oil on your hair for more than 24 hours as it accumulatesdust particles and weakens hair strands.5. After massaging your head, place a hot towel on your hair for 2-3minutes. This facilitates deep penetration of oil through the scalp andtill the roots. Ensure that you do not over-heat the towel as it maylead to hair damage.6. Use cold water while washing your hair. Even in winter season, avoidusing hot water as it lead to rough, damaged and brittle hair alongwith hair-fall issues.
  • 7. While shampooing your hair, make sure you either use a shower orpour water from height. This effectively helps in cleansing the hairand perhaps removes dirt & oil.8. Since every hair type is different and demands shampoo that suitsthem well according to climatic conditions, you can often switch tonew shampoo to adapt to your hair care routine.9. While selecting shampoo from the counter, you must check the Phvalue which needs to be in the range ( 5-7). This not only cleans thehair but also leave the scalp damage-free in the long run.10. Ammonia is known to be harmful for hair. Thus, it is advisableto use only those hair products that are free from ammonia and othersuch harmful components.11. Age, Health, Nutrition and Environment are the main determinantsfor the ¼ to 1 inch hair growth in the hair development cycle.12.It is interesting to know that the maximum period of hair growth is inbetween the age of 15 to 30 years while the age period between 50 to60 years is known for slow hair growth.13.Genetic factors and environmental conditions do not play a role indetermining the texture of hair, ie, curly hair, straight hair etc. Itdoes not matter what religion, caste, community or state he/shebelongs to for the quality & texture of hair.14.There are absolutely no connection or impact of going bald, havingtight ponies/braids, breaking hair strands or split end removal onhair growth. Any external factors do not have any effects on your hair.The hair growth is primarily dependent on internal factors such asdiet.15.If an individual already has a rough & damaged hair, it is advisable tonot go for external chemical treatments such as smoothening,straightening, hair coloring etc. This will further lead to hair damageand result hair fall.16.It should be noted that 80% of the solutions given by people relatedto healthy hair growth is either a subject of wrong information orrumors. This only leads to further hair-related issues.17.Oil massage is known to provide essential nutrients and fasten bloodcirculation.
  • 18. It is a common myth that cutting your hair regularly will lead tofast hair growth. The only good reason of having your hair cut ortrimmed down is to endow it with a stylish shape.19.Though we see early greying of hair due to poor nutrition, the primarycause of grey hair is age.20. Cutting the tip of your hair once in a while helps in eradicatingdamage hair and offers a beautiful and healthy hair appearance.

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