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Snehrhuma Oil

(Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pain)


For all types of Joint Pains



Snehruma Oil is known to give quick relief from rheumatic arthritis, osteo arthritis, spondylitis, sprain, neck pain, body aches, joint pain and back pain. This Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pain is a result of long clinical trials & research done by our team. It is 100% herbal hand-made oil made without using any chemical, steroids or preservative. The Snehruma Ayurvedic Oil for Joint Pain is anti-inflammatory as it reduces inflammation and swelling which is associated with excess of vata in a body, joint pain and muscle injuries. It is also the best remedy for a migraine and tension headaches. Snehruma Oil is soothing and has a relaxing effect which helps release stress and anxiety that could be instigating the headache. The calming effect of Snehruma Oil can also help get relief from sore muscles and nerve pain like sciatica and slipped discs. The oil can deliver relief for many patients suffering from severe chronic pain with its ability to penetrate cells swiftly, supplying oxygen and improving circulation to inflamed joints.