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Ayurvedic medicine for hair growth/ loss & oil for joint pain

Know about new form.

Krupa Aushadhalay has always given importance to quality ,hence we have been using fresh medicines,but now to increase quality we are extracting juice using low flame and cold press technology.

Eventually the color of tonic has become faint Green,we request consumers to try to understand situation.We trying to maintain Ayurveda and its natural essence. For last 30 years,"Customers trust" and "To deliver best" has been our first priority.

Ayurveda is a sister philosophy to yoga. It is the science of life or longevity and it teaches about the power and the cycles of nature, as well as the elements.

How To Use Krupa Hair tonic

Take krupa hair tonic on your palm and leave it at the centre of your head and apply such that it will reach root of is not useful if we apply tonic at tip of our hair,it shoud be applied to scalp only like we do it for babies.

Specific features

  • Krupa hair tonic is made up of pure freezes in winter season.many people faces problems because of this.many of them suggested to make anti freezing tonic.we could achieve this by using synthetic coconut white oil but demand was of tonic made up of pure coconut oil and that’s only better for hair health.consumers don’t misunderstand here,please try to understand concept behind using coconut oil.
  • White hair just don’t become black but black hair come from roots.
  • New hair come and that’s how hair density grows and they become long.
  • Belted head never regains hair even we don’t believe it but when we start losing hair and we use oil its more effective and blat head can be avoided.
  • Krupa hair tonics smell is natural. Artificial scents have bad effects on hair.


It removes dandruff,itching and heat which are reasons for hair fall and whiteness by improving health of hair.we get sound sleep after a day of hardwork.heat strokes and burning of eyes can be stopped.

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