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Ayurvedic medicine for hair growth/ loss & oil for joint pain

We farm all Ingredients in our Garden.

Many sectors are corrupted because of human hunger towards money. Ayurvedic medicinal production is not an exception for this. We were in favor for last 30 years of giving good quality product. And that’s why we decided to cultivate our own medicinal farm since raw material supplied from market wasn’t up to the mark.We cultivated Brahmi,Mhaka.Hibiscus,Mehendi in our farm. We could use fresh herb juice in our product which has very much importance in Ayurveda.

According to Second principle of Ayurveda,Low flame is important since it helps to retain herbs properties. Andhence we change the whole production process itself. We started extracting juice in Mustard tonic on low flame so that fresh herbs juice can be well utilized. Because of that we could make out difference In properties and quality. Same juice when we mix with coconut tonic and heat itup it gives rise to one of our finest product that is KRUPA HAIR TONIC.

Because we cannot scrub our inner body we need to learn a few skills to help cleanse our tissues, organs, and mind. This is the art of Ayurveda.

Following Ingredients Used In Krupa Hair Tonic


Apply tonic which contains Gooseberry for complaints regarding hair for example hair fall, hair turning white, dandruff and dullness of hair. Within few days hair grow in a better way. Hair color retains and you get sound sleep at night.


It is best to apply tonic containing Brahmi .Brain remains cool, hairgrows, and memory gets sharp. For mind peace and for sound sleep bramhi is very useful.


Hibiscus oil is having cooling properties.To make shiny black hair, to make them soft and to stop hair fall this is even better. Calcium , Phosphorus ,Iron and Vitamin B and C can be found in hibiscus flower.Hibiscus flower and oil made up of it is used solve various problems regarding hair.Hibiscus can stop bleeding ,reduce acidity ,strengthen brain and is very good hair nourished.


When we burn camphor nice aroma is spread in atmosphere. Same Camphor has got many medicinal properties,Specially while taking care of hair it plays a vital role with the use of Camphor oil not only we can keep hair healthy but can reduce dandruff too. Massage your hair with Camphor oil for 15-20 mins and it will improve your hair health.


It is well known as forest herb because of its cold properties and hence used in tropical regions. Mehandi is very useful for hair. Regular application of Mehandi oil improves hair health,it stops dandruff and helps in hair growth.It is capable of making hair strong from roots.


Roots of Banyan are used to make KESHVARDHAK tonic.It is useful to make hair shiny black and for their growth. Regular use of this makes your hair healthy and strong.

Coconut oil

According to Ayurveda coconut oil is KESHYA which means it improves health, stops hair fall and improves hair regain. Coconut contains Vitamin B,C,Iron and Magnesium like skin it is also effective and nourishing for hair.To improve scalp skin and hair regain coconut oil has been very effective,massage scalp with coconut oil and soft hands do it twice a week,it definitely improves scalp skin texture and hair.


Few herbs make history and Nil is one of them. This herb can be used to make natural color.It reduces mental stress and heat disorders.It is famous for not only color but for its medicinal properties too.